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In this area we hope to discuss where to go and what to ask for if your are suspicious about your eye for what ever reason. It will be Ireland based but with links to centres of excellence based on our knowledge & experience at the time. More info [HERE].


There are a number of medical procedures available to treat melanoma in the eye. We will also be reporting some of the latest advances from around the world. As of June 17 we are watching virus injections with great interest. More info [HERE]


Here we will bring you the latest in trials & treatments known & brand new. In the recent past metastatic OM was lethal. Of late science has been introducing new drugs & tools that have been extending lives by years. We are not there yet but it will come. We wish those on this journey the good fortune to be around when the cure breaks. More info [HERE]

Spring 2019 - 'Christmas berry' plant compound could fight uveal melanoma9

Yes the latest research looks at the Primrose family of plants for a cure with some promise. Read more info HERE

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