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In July 2013 the US National Center for Biotechnology Information published a paper online called Ocular melanoma: an overview of the current status. You can read it in full here. Under the paragraph Epidemiology of ocular melanoma we get the following figures:

"In the US incidence of ocular melanoma is 6 per million, compared with 153.5 for cutaneous melanoma.[ It is more common among men, with incidence of 6.8 per million, compared with 5.3 per million in women (male to female rate ratio 1.29) . In Australia ocular melanoma shows higher rates, with incidence of 8 per million in men, and 6.1 per million in women"

In 2016 at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH), Dublin, Ireland, presented the findings of the first study on the epidemiology of uveal melanoma at the Irish College of Ophthalmologists Annual Conference in Killarney, Ireland. 2012 recorded the highest incidence rate of 17.2 cases per million of population. You can find more detailed report here 

We are waiting on the most up to date Irish figures which are due to be released in the near future.

Currently in the absence of data from other countries we are of the opinion that Ireland may have the highest rates of Ocular Melanoma in the world.

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